Stereotypes of the Middle East

Poor, violent, uncivilized, dirty, and bombings, these are just some of the many stereotypes applied to the Middle East by many people across the world including the United States. So what caused all these thoughts and conspiracies? One of the main things that inspired these thoughts about the Middle East was the attack of 9/11. This made the U.S become outraged and now when ever they think about the Middle East, the first thing that comes to mind is the attack of 9/11 and the violence they have cause the U.S. Another thing that plays a big roll in the stereotypes of the Middle East is the media. Every day news reporters take the real true story of the bombings and attacks in the Middle East and twist and exaggerate the story to make it sound more interesting. Another way the media influence stereotypes of the Middle East is by always making news reports about bombings or attacks. It surrounds us. When ever you turn on the TV, or look in the news paper, or even go on the internet, there is almost always an article on the violence taking place in the Middle East.

Masdar City, U.A.E; the oasis of future technology.

Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE)Masdar City is an uprising name becoming known to many around the world. Masdar, meaning ‘the source’ is a planned city inside the city of Abu Dhabi. This planned city will be totally run by solar energy and other renewable sources. Located in the middle of the desert, Masdar can definitely be defined as an oasis, as it will consist of the sources that a normal city might consist of.

This project will not be cheap, as it will take well over 20 billion dollars to create and supply with the different forms of technology. Masdar will be able to occupy 50,000 people, 1,500 businesses, and an expected 40,00 workers. As a dwelling of technology, the only university in Masdar, Masdar Institue of Science and Technology (MIST), will be influenced by its technological surroundings.Despite the desert location of Masdar, Masdar is designed to allow a natural breeze to flow throughout the whole city. Instead of taxis, specifically designed cars will be run by solar energy and will be programmed to voice. When you say where you want to go, these shuttles will comprehend your voice and take you there on a smooth journey.

The natural energy will come from 40-60 megawatt solar panels located in a powerplant. Wind energy and hydroelectric power will be other sources of energy in the new city. Bilogical waste will be reused as nutrient-rich soil for plant and tree growing. Despite the fact that this new city will be an advancement in technology, some sceptics believe that this city will only be occupied by wealthy people and that even the workers in Masdar may not even afford to live inside the walls themselves. Others question how Masdar will power themselves at night when their main source of energy relies on solar panels.

Masdar will soon be an turning point in future technology portraying the potential to have luxurious yet eco-friendly lifestyles. This city is planned to be a zero-carbon and a zero-waste community. For more information visit .

                             What do you think is the source for this abundant amount of money needed to develop this city?

Middle East’s Tasty Treats

We’ve heard of the violence and trouble and of the up roaring of Dubai inShawarma; lettuce, tomato, chicken/beef/pork, other condiments/sauce wrapped in pita bread the U.A.E. We’ve heard of the history of Palestine and the brutal fights to claim it. We should get off the topic of economy and war and have a snack! In fact, let’s have a Middle Eastern snack! The Middle East is known for its tasty treats, especially its universally sold and known, pita bread with humus. Many herbs and spices are added into every dish, giving the food a distinct Middle Eastern taste. Most dishes have meat but vegetarian meals are always on the menu. Middle Eastern people have immigrated to western areas and brought along their infamous cooking skills with them. They have even brought it to Disney World, at Epcot, in Orlando, Florida! Middle Eastern food is the type of food that can be served under any condition and surrounding. for example, it can be served in pricey hotels or on the street. Brandon and I have found some dishes that you all should try: 


  • Shawarma
  • Kofta
  • Falafel
  • Pita Bread with Humus
  • Apple Tea



Dubai: ‘Moving’ Faster than the Rest of the World

Dubai is one of the leading cities in the world, today. Dubai consists of many  technological structures and other innovating types of technology. Some of its main attractions that are widely publicized. Burj Al Arab is one of Dubai’s most successful and luxurious resorts. ‘The World’, a chain of islands arranged into the form of the continents of the world, consists of luxurious resorts, estates and other economical advancements that are being publicized. What Brandon and I were wondering was if Dubai even had a budget for all this fascinating technology and architecture that they supply for tourists? Our question was recently reinforced, when we got an insight of Dubai’s newest and first ‘Moving Skyscraper’. This skyscraper is constantly rotating in a spiral motion and gives a panoramic view of the entire city. It is no doubt going to be expensive but it will definitely boost the appeal and economy of Dubai. Dubai's First Moving Skysraper

Current Events – Iraqi leader: U.S. raid that killed 2 breached accord


A controversy during the funeral of a woman killed in the recent raidOver the couse of this blog we will be filling you in on the most recent current events regarding the Middle East on a regular basis.
On April 26, 2009, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, accused the United States troops of contravening the security agreement between Iraq and the U.S.A after a raid had occurred that left 2 people dead in the Wasit Province in Iraq.The Deputy Governor of Wasit province calls the killings, “cold-blooded murders”.
While raiding a house in the city of Kut to arrest members of “special groups”*, the U.S. troops shot a man and a woman during the operation. The troops claimed that the man was armed and the woman had moved into the “line of fire.”

Lastly, the U.S. troops claimed that the Iraqi government had fully approved of the plan to raid the house. The Iraqi also coordinated the raid,” claims the U.S. troops.

* Special groups – groups that are funded, armed and trained by Iran (according to the U.S. military).For more information visit the article at:


Middle EAST is not EAST of Bangkok!

Many people criticize the name, “Middle East” because of its location in relation to where they live. For example, in Europe, Europeans have no confusion over the Middle East’s name because the Middle East is geographically east of Europe. Although, people in Asia and/or Australia, question the name, because for them, the Middle East is geographically west of them. They are thinking, “Why not Middle West?” The reason for “Middle East” rather than “Middle West” is because the map maker was from Europe but American-born looked upon the Earth from a person from the western hemisphere’s point of view. Therefore, naming it the Middle EAST due to the location in relation the Europe.  

Blog Rubric Comments

After discussing the rubric over with each other, we have come up with some positives and negatives about the blogging rubric. We thought that the categories in the rubric were very detailed and all focused mainly on the interest level of the blog and its properties. We think that it was good to not include “Blog Design” as a category because it would have lead to more time spent on what the blog looked like rather than what was written and expressed. The categories are very important in the growth of our blog and other blogs. They have good explanation of criteria needed to exceed the expectations. One thing that we noticed was that the range between a score of 3 and a score of 4 is quite large. Generally, for the categories, 3 are like a good and 4 are exceptional. We think that “great” is skipped and should be a 4 instead. You could consider great as a 3.5. It is not a grand issue but we thought we should express our perception about the rubric. Remember, this is what WE think about the rubric and our perceptions.

The Known, the Assumptions, and the Learning

Brandon and Ethan’s knowledge on the subject of Middle East.

What you know

  • There are many wars and violence
  • highly populated with oil fields
  • Lack of water in some parts of the Middle East
  • Dubai is a wealthy city
  • East of Africa

What we assume

  • Uncivilized
  • Very violent
  • Hot and Humid located in desert areas
  • Unsafe
  • Less touristy than Asia

What we want to learn

  • The cause of wars and the history behind them
  • Common traditions
  • Countries that make up the Middle East
  • The Religions of the countries
  • How the people work and survive in the desert
  • Culture
  • Taliban